Upcoming AWIS Events

Note: Check our Events Calendar for many events hosted by groups with similar goals to ours.

Below are events we put on as an organization. All are free and open to anyone, regardless of gender identity or OU affiliation

Growing into STEM Fields: A Mentoring Event for High School Students

Date: Wednesday, May 2nd
There are still open spots for High School Students!
Registration for high school students: EventBrite Registration

This is a two-part event, providing high school students an opportunity to see what kinds of research undergraduates at OU conduct and to hear about STEM majors from students and faculty.

Part 1 3:30- 5:30 pm: The Undergraduate Research Symposium Poster Session. This is informal, so you don’t have to arrive directly at 3:30 pm.
2nd floor of Stephenson Life Science Research Center (SLSRC).
101 Stephenson Pkwy Norman, OK 73019 101

Part 2 6:00- 8:00 pm: Round Table Discussions and Dinner
1st floor of Stephenson Research and Technology Center (SRTC), Core Classroom
David L Boren Blvd, Norman OK Norman, OK 73072

Parking: There are visitor parking spaces in the parking lots around SRTC. The two locations are in adjacent buildings, so you should only need to park once.

By Tuesday afternoon, 5/1, please confirm your attendence reply if you have dietary restrictions or preferences.  We will provide Panera Bread sandwiches during the round table discussions and I am happy to modify this order to accommodate.

High School Student Mentees: Before the event, please review the below details so you know what to expect and how to prepare.

About this Event

We designed this event after Jessica Miller brought to our attention that she would have liked more exposure to Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) research and careers during her high school experience. This event has two parts. The first is a Four-Year Research Engagement (FYRE) Symposium poster session where you can see the kinds of research projects conducted by undergraduate students at OU. The second part involves casual dinner conversations with OU undergraduate and graduate students and a few faculty focused on choosing majors and career paths in STEM.

Details about Research Symposium

The 2018 FYRE Program consists of 99 students conducting a semester-long experimental research internship in 35 OU academic research labs spread across 14 different STEM departments at OU (Chemistry and Biochemistry, Biology, Plant Biology and Microbiology, Mathematics, Physics and Astronomy, CBME, Electrical Engineering, Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering, Geology and Geophysics, Health and Exercise Science, Environmental Engineering, Meteorology, Biomedical Engineering and Psychology).

At the FYRE Poster Session, the students will be presenting the results of their semester-long research efforts. As an attendee, we will have name tags to help ID you as a visiting high school student. You are encouraged to walk around and ask the presenters what their research was about, what components of the project they liked best, how they found the opportunity, etc.

Details about Round Table Discussions

After the poster session, we will walk across the street for dinner. Mentors will be seated at tables and a list of the majors represented at each table will be projected so you all can choose a table based on your own interests. After a quick set of announcements, I will project a list of potential topics. We really encourage you all to bring your own questions. The best way to prepare is to have some questions ready. Think about what you’d most like to take away from this opportunity and be sure you get your questions in before the event wraps. The list of suggested topics will serve as a guide if the conversation gets slow or off-track.